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Betuinno.™ Betulin is produced from upcycled Nordic birch bark. Vegan and biodegradable active ingredient for calming and soothing the skin. Betuinno.™ Betulin can be used to replace synthetic co-emulsifiers and antioxidants. Betuinno.™ Betulin can also be used to stabilize semisolid systems. Sustainable and ethical choice. Available in different grades, also COSMOS certified products.

Betuinno.™ Betulin Top Quality Fine is a new ingredient for beauty, surfaces and coatings, and skin care industries. It is a sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic ingredient that is ideal for replacing synthetic white pigments. Betuinno.™ Betulin Top Quality Fine matches the whiteness and reflectivity of synthetic white pigments. In cosmetic formulations, it  has multifunctional benefits, such as skin regenerating properties and moisturizing effects.

  • Assay >88% (original quality) in beige colour
  • Assay >98% (high quality) in white colour
  • Neglible solubility in water
  • Solubility in ethanol ~0,7 w-% (20 °C), ~3 w-% (70 °C)
  • Solubility in castor oil ~3 w-% (70 °C)

INCI name: Betulin

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