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In her role as Technical Director of Cosmetic Applications, Anu is responsible for developing and testing the properties and formulalability of our products in cosmetic products, creating new formulations and semi-finished products a on a laboratory scale.

Anu has an extensive experience and know-how in formulating cosmetic products and creating innovative solutions to meet the customer needs. Her deep fascination for botanicals and natural raw materials started her on the journey to be first a medicinal herbalist, and after to pursue in-depth knowledge in cosmetic science and cosmetic chemistry. The result from all her training is a balance of nature and science.

Anu has also created various patented cosmetics ingredients and developed successful award-winning products. She has also made several studies in the field of natural cosmetics as well as written and edited numerous articles.

“I joined Innomost because I have always wanted to work within a company that aims to make a positive impact for the future and actually contributes in a meaningful way. I am happy to apply my deep know-how and extensive experience to the development of new features and ingredients. Also, I’m excited about the opportunity to work with an interesting brand and a skilled group of people.” Anu comments.

“In my opinion, being a forward-thinking company involves exhibiting your uniqueness all of the time. It also implies that the entire team anticipates what the clients need and proactively help them by offering the optimal solution. A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the team achieve a shared goal in the most effective way. It also indicates you are one step ahead of your competitors.” she adds.

We wish Anu warmly welcome!