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We are excited to welcome senior process technician Teemu Hietala to our team!

Innomost is a growth company that produces high value raw materials from birch bark, by upcycling side streams from the Finnish forest industry. Last summer we completed a funding round of 5 million € to build a pilot plant in Kokkola, Finland and to deepen our research and development as well as scale up our sales to global level. To fulfil our plans, we have now strengthened our team with additional core technical competence.

Senior process technician Teemu is responsible of preparing products and samples in the laboratory for our customers and research.

“I wanted to work at Innomost because conserving and respecting the nature is important to me. We make all products from renewable, upcycled natural material and our aim is to minimize the impact on the environment, which makes Innomost even more interesting.” says Teemu.

In his work, he enjoys the possibility of developing and fine tuning the processes and delivering top quality products to the customers.

“It is fascinating to be part of the experienced and competent Innomost -team; together we are building a new and sustainable growth story. It is very motivating to work in a team where I can contribute to the development and that the team listens to my ideas and asks for my opinion even though I’m new. Moreover, I am thankful for the opportunity to develop my knowhow and acquire new skills.”, Teemu continues.

Teemu Hietala is a chemical process technician, and and he has worked previously more than 10 years as process technician in fine chemical industry before joining the Innomost team.

We wish Teemu warmly welcome!