LUMENE PUHDAS Deeply Purifying Birch Scrub is a gentle scrub formulated with natural exfoliating particles from birch bark cleanses the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.

It leaves the skin looking completely fresh, smooth and mattified. This oil-free, deeply purifying formula perfectly suits combination and oily skin.

“The cooperation with Innomost is highly valuable, offering locally sourced upcycled ingredients, as an example, we were able to formulate birch upcycled ingredients and phased out microplastic scrubbing particles with Barkinno Birch Bark Powder.

In addition as Innomost is continuously innovating, together we will continue exploring usage of existing or test new birch derived ingredients to increase the usage of upcycled & circular ingredients in our formulations. By increasing the usage of Birch derived ingredients in our portfolio, Innomost is key partner to ensure we are delivering on our strategy and vision of Leading in Circular Beauty.”

Alain Mavon, Ph.D
VP R&D and Sustainability