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Sustainability is our core value. We believe in the circular economy and use wooden side-streams to make a better world. By replacing fossil and palm-oil based ingredients with wooden side streams, we can do our part in slowing down climate change. Each and every of our operations has been designed to be circular and sustainable. Our objective is to have zero carbon footprint in the production process.

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Our raw material, birch bark, comes from Metsä Group, a large Finnish forest industry company. Metsä Group has a long experience of sustainable forest management and is one of the largest birch wood processors in Europe.

Circular economy forms the base for Metsä Group´s operations. The forests are managed sustainably, and every part of the tree is used as efficiently as possible. In Metsä Group, every production side stream is valuable.

Metsä Group’s sustainable forest management practices ensure that different aspects of sustainability are considered, and the use does not exceed the rate of growth.

The origin of wood is known, and the chain of custody certification provides the proof that origin, legality and sustainability are realised throughout the supply chain. Metsä Group supports PEFC (PEFC/02-31-03) and FSC® (FSC-C014476) certifications.

Metsä Group, through Metsä Springs Ltd, is one of our main investors.

Innomost is part of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s community, where thousands of organisations are working to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy. Learn more:  How to Build a Circular Economy | Ellen MacArthur Foundation