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The production of Innomost’s new pilot plant in the Kokkola Industrial Park has started with promising results. The production of test batches started in March this year. ” Production batches currently amount to hundreds of kilograms. The goal is to reach full production capacity, which will enable the production of tens of thousands of kilos annually,” says Sami Selkälä.

A modern production facility meets high international quality and safety standards of the cosmetics industry. Thanks to the in-house designed, patented production process technology, Innomost is able to minimize the carbon footprint at all stages of production by utilising environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. For example, wooden raw material left over from the production is recycled into bioenergy for the needs of the production plant. In addition, waste heat from production is utilised to increase energy efficiency, for example by heating production buildings.

In full production capacity, the pilot plant is capable of processing up to one million kilograms of birch bark per year, and further processing 100,000 kilograms of birch bark powders and 10,000 kilograms of extracts. Innomost’s current product range consists of birch bark powder, birch charcoal powder, betulin and suberin. “Our current range of biodegradable and sustainable products from birch is only the beginning of our company’s innovation potential and growth opportunities in the global market,” says Sami Selkälä, CEO of Innomost.

The pilot plant has been funded by Metsä Spring, part of Metsä Group, investment company Innovestor and private equity company Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd), as well as a number of private business angels. The involvement of the forest industry also ensures the company’s raw material supply.